Asia Destination Film Awards 2020


The 2nd Asia Destination Film Forum will recognize films that promote destinations through innovative and engaging storytelling.

The focus of the Asia Destination Film Forum is to celebrate sustainable tourism promotion and marketing via inspiring visual storytelling. Today, tourists are more experienced and are looking for new destinations and new experiences. Numerous films have inspired millions to visit destinations. Especially in recent years, there has been a growing phenomenon that tourists visit destinations featured in films and user-generated social media video clips.


Awards & Prizes

Recognizing the best destination films in Asia

Asia Destination Film Forum is giving awards in the following categories:

a. Tourism Board Category (Public Sector)

Films produced for or by agencies in the public sector, such as Tourism Boards, or Ministries of Tourism, or Culture.

b. Travel Industry Category (Private Sector)

Films produced for or by private companies in the travel industry to promote themselves, and their destinations. 

c. User-Generated Content Category (Video Bloggers)

Videos and shortfilms produced by private individuals, such as amanteurs, bloggers, or students.

d. Professional Film Makers Category (Documentaries & Feature Films)

Films produced by professional film makers that promote destinations directly or indirectly.

e. Sustainable Travel Category (Special Recognition)

A special recognition will be given for films that promote sustainable travel.


Rules & Terms

Please read the below carefully before submitting your films.

The Asia Destination Film Forum and Awards are organized by Chameleon Strategies, in collaboration with our partners in the tourism industry to promote and recognize the impact films make on tourism in Asia.


Secure Online Screeners (Vimeo or YouTube links) are the preferred submission method. If using a Vimeo or YouTube link, please include your link at the top of the cover letter section of your FilmFreeway submission.

Separate applications are required for each film — even if one entity is submitting more than one film.


Please let us know if your email address changes between the time of receipt of entry and notification of results. Otherwise, you will not be advised of or receive any award you may have won.

On 23 January 2020, all shortlisted submissions will be notified by email and invited to the awards ceremony. We will not cover traveling or accommodation costs.


Although every possible care will be taken with your entry materials while in our possession, we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage. Do not send any original materials.


Submissions are accepted until 17 January 2020.


All videos submitted must have a positive message about a destination and promote directly or indirectly tourism to the destination.

The destinations featured or promoted must be in Asia.


The entrant has full rights to submit the entry and authorize its use.


Producers or distributors who enter the festival grant permission for their entries to be presented at any festival screening or event unless we are otherwise notified at the time of entry.


Images, trailers, and reproducible still images may be used in festival programs and publicity materials, including for use by media.


We keep the winning entries for the festival’s archives.