The Asia Destination Film Awards 2020


The Asia Destination Film Awards 2020 were awarded on 30 January 2020 in Bangkok. From close to 1,000 submissions, 34 films were shortlisted in the categories:

  1. Tourism Boards
  2. Travel Industry
  3. Filmmakers
  4. User-generated Content
  5. Sustainable Tourism

The 34 finalists were reviewed again by our judges and made available for public online voting on the Asia Destination Film Forum website. The board of judges voted for their winner, while close to 7,000 votes were cast by the public for the Public Choice Awards from 26-29 January 2020.

All awards were handed out by Mongolian wrestlers, provided by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia, the  Destination partner of the 2nd Asia Destination Film Forum in Bangkok on January 30th.

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Handing over the Asia Destination Film Award to a representative of Malaysia Tourism

Shortlisted Films

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Title: Becoming Thai Chinese (穚)
Author: destinationfilmforum_4lcpy6
Rating:   (4.61/5) - 83x rated

Category: Film Makers
Views: ?
Description: About 700 years ago, a group of Chinese left their hometown and migrated to Thailand. They successfully assimilated into Thai society and acted as a bridge between ancient China and Thailand. Today, Thailand has the highest Overseas Chinese population in the world. Many of them still follow the traditional culture of their Chinese ancestors. How do they think about their identity, their history and their future in the face of the influence of local culture and globalisation?